The Tips + Tricks for Packing ToteSavvy’s New Travel Organizer

how to pack the travel organizer

totesavvy travel organizer

Your newest travel accessory was meant for every adventure. Here’s how to pack it.  

Our travel kit was born out of necessity when ToteSavvy founder, Lauren, realized that nothing like it existed. And with the need to save space once at her destination, but to keep efficient while on-the-go, she manifested a beautiful travel accessory that’s as stylish as it is functional. In every way utilitarian, the new ToteSavvy Travel Kit won’t just keep you organized, it will make every leg of your journey perfectly effortless. Here’s just how to do it: 


clothing organizer for travel

One of the biggest benefits of the Travel Kit: the organization factor. You can plan outfits ahead of time with the flexibility to compactly roll each up--including socks and underwear--and stash them into each of the the convenient mesh pockets.   


clothing organizer for travel

A seriously thoughtful design means that we didn’t overlook the small stuff. Because in a world with kids, the small stuff is often exactly what you can’t forget. Store things like hair clips, headbands, bow ties, tiny nail clippers, and more in the smaller, clear pockets.  


travel organizer kids clothing

The Travel organizer allows for items like sweaters, dresses, and jackets to hang neatly in its designated garment bag section. Hard yes to anything arriving wrinkle-free. 


travel organizer

The Travel Organizer fits perfectly over the inside of a closet or over the door, so that you never get hung up on the small stuff. 


travel organizer

After your outfits have been worn, you can pack them right back up in the pockets you brought them in. Separating them from the rest of your items means that germs, dirt, and more stay a safe distance away from the things you need to keep clean (even if you’re away for a full week). 

Keeping organized while traveling is important to every mom. It eases the already inherent stresses of leaving your comfort zone, and the place that you’ve come to know better than the back of your hand. But a trustworthy product that’s been carefully scrutinized by a fellow mom? We’re really not sure it gets any better than that. 


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