Trending Backpacks Organized & Packed Three Ways Using the ToteSavvy Mini

Trending Backpacks Organized & Packed Three Ways Using the ToteSavvy Mini
We get asked all the time on Instagram if we have an organizer that will fit a backpack, and the answer to that is YES!! Our Mini Bag Organizer is the perfect size for most backpacks and can help you stay organized no matter what you're packing for. The most requested to see was baby & toddler backpacks and everyday backpacks, so that's what we'll be focusing on in this post!
Backpacks packed with the ToteSavvy Mini
A backpack for you & your toddler //
Go Dash Dot Maya Backpack with ToteSavvy Mini packed for Toddler
When it comes to packing for your and your toddler, you still find yourself needing diapers, wipes, an extra outfit, and an endless supply of snacks. The ToteSavvy Mini helps keep these essentials organized. Don't forget, the Mini has an included changing mat, insulated pocket, and the center pocket fits a full-size wallet.
The Go Dash Dot Maya Backpack is a great option to use, too! It fits the Mini and your essentials perfectly, and there are several additional pockets that you can still use for other essentials. The bottom of the backpack has quite a large pocket that is perfect for spare clothes for you & your toddler, an extra pair of play shoes, or even a picnic blanket if you're headed out for a park lunch date!
Go Dash Dot Maya Backpack with ToteSavvy Mini packed for Toddler
A backpack for you & baby //
Dagne Dover Backpack with ToteSavvy Mini packed for Baby
The Dagne Dover Dune Backpack and the ToteSavvy Mini in Almond are a gorgeous combo for a baby bag--especially if you love a neutral pink or have a sweet baby girl! Of course, when packing for baby, you need a spare outfit, bottle, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and a paci clip.
Inside the backpack, you can also fit a swaddle, there's a padded laptop pocket should you need to bring yours along, and a second back section that is roomy as well. Another great feature about this backpack is it has several small pockets on the back and sides for easy-access to your smaller essentials, your little one's toys, or extra snacks!
Since the backpack is rather deep, you could also stock it filled with extra diapers along the bottom--it's always helpful to have more diapers than you think you'll need. That's the last thing you want to run out of while on-the-go with your little one.
Dagne Dover Backpack with ToteSavvy Mini Packed for Baby
An everyday backpack //
MZ Wallace Backpack with ToteSavvy Mini Packed for Everyday
We are love, loving the MZ Wallace Metro Backpack with the ToteSavvy Mini in Soft Grey. It's such a good everyday, neutral combo. In our everyday bag example, we wanted to pack it to the brim to show you just how much the Mini can help organize.
We packed a laptop charger, water bottle in the insulated cooler pocket, a full-size wallet in the center pocket, snacks and water mixes, keys on the key clasp, a hair clip, and a few other small essentials that fit in the convenient small pockets.
Inside the backpack in addition to the Mini, the Metro Backpack has a padded laptop pocket and space to pack your planner, too. There are two smaller pockets inside the backpack that could be useful for snacks or pens, and there's also a back zippered pocket that you could use for feminine products, makeup, or anything else you need on-the-go.
MZ Wallace Backpack with ToteSavvy Mini packed for Everyday
To see these backpacks in action, be sure to head to our Instagram and check out our latest Reels featuring these darling backpacks!

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