5 Unique & Special Baby Shower Gift Ideas

5 Unique & Special Baby Shower Gift Ideas
When it comes to shopping for a baby shower gift, be sure to check their registry first--especially their items marked most wanted. You want to make sure you're getting something they actually need and want. But, that doesn't mean you can't get them something personalized just from you, too.
Here are our top picks that we know Mama and baby will love!
ToteSavvy Bag Organizer
Give the stylish Mama-To-Be functionality and organization so she doesn't have to sacrifice her personal style to a traditional diaper bag when the baby arrives. ToteSavvy Bag Organizers turn a favorite handbag or tote into a functional baby bag. They feature insulated cooler pockets, key clasps, various-sized pockets perfect for extra outfits, diapers, wipes, pacis, teethers, and they even come with a changing mat.
The amazing thing about ToteSavvy Bag Organizers is that they perfectly transition from baby to toddler, one of each, and yes, even everyday or work when she finds she doesn't need to carry around a ton of essentials for her little one(s).
Self-Care Essentials for the Mama-To-Be
Often times, we're so focused on finding every cute thing for this sweet new baby that we forget about the Mama who's carrying, nourishing, and growing them. A few self-care essentials for the new mama-to-be are a heavenly gift idea.
You can include things like 10-Minute hand masks, cozy socks, belly oil, a You're Doing Great mug, a luxurious lip balm, or even a gift card to their favorite restaurant/coffee shop so they can grab it to go when the baby is here.
Focusing on Mama is crucial both before and after the baby is here, so be the one to focus more on her and her needs vs when you can just hold and see the baby--she will always remember and thank you for that. That type of support, especially postpartum means the absolute world.
This is even something you can put together in a little basket and bring over to her the day you head over to meet the little one. Cheer her up with something just for her when everyone else is focused on baby.
A book with a letter from you to baby inside the front cover
Everyone loves to grab a book or two for baby, but take it to the next level and add a special note or letter from you to the baby inside the front cover. Many years down the road, that sweet little one will be able to read and know they're loved and were thought of before they were even born.
Handmade blanket
Cue the tears if you're sappy and sentimental, but this is one of the sweetest and most special things you can do if you're crafty. Find out what the nursery colors and theme will be, and craft something special from the heart.
I personally had three people make blankets for my little dude, and what do you know, those are some of his favorite blankets to snuggle with. I love knowing that they were made from the heart especially for him, and his two year old little heart feels that, too.
A pack of diapers with messages written on them
Here's your time to shine if you're funny or sentimental or maybe a little bit of both! Help make the late night diaper changes, the blow outs, and the first few weeks of parenthood a little bit funnier and sweeter.
I remember changing my son's diaper at all hours of the night during those first few weeks, and seeing something hilarious that a family member wrote on a diaper gave some much needed comic relief. Even the simple reminder of "You're doing great" is bound to brighten up a new parent's night.
Be sure to check their registry and buy their desired diapers.
We hope these ideas help as you're preparing to celebrate a loved one or friend's new little addition.

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