Vanilla Girl Travel Aesthetic Essentials

Vanilla Girl Travel Aesthetic Essentials
If you're obsessed with all-things vanilla and neutral, then this is the perfect round up for you as we head into travel season. These are our favorites and are ones that we've shared in recent posts on Instagram, and you're loving them, too!

When traveling this summer, you're going to want the gorgeous ToteSavvy Clear Pouch Trio Set. It comes in Creme and Black, and you know, we love the Creme as much as you do! It's our best seller, and for good reason, too. It helps you conveniently pack your toiletries and makeup and allows you to see your essentials so you can quickly find what you need.

A new discovery is this darling Bob Ore Crossbody Bag. It's absolutely stunning and will go with any outfit--casual or dressy. It's a bag we love to toss in our suitcase so we have a smaller option to choose while traveling.

Want a designer sandal for less?! These St. Tropez sandals are under twenty five dollars and are so comfy!

As you're traveling, here are a few other beauty and travel essentials we know you'll love.

For organizing essentials, we love to use a Pill Organizer (one of your most requested items!), a floss dispenser, toothbrush & toothpaste holder, accessories case for cotton swabs, silicone makeup brush holder, and silicone beauty sponge holder.

Some of our most recent beauty favorites are Olaplex, hair clips for curling and styling, hand sanitizing spray, hand sanitizing wipes, hand lotion, and lip balm. If you're obsessed with vanilla as much as we are, the Saltair body oil, body wash serum and deodorant are amazing!

A few other items we've become obsessed with is the Nemah stretch cream (it's game-changing, mamas!) and vanilla cuticle oil.

When you're traveling, a travel hair brush is a must, and one thing that is often forgotten is a nail file! We love this glass one that is always ready when you need it.  You also need a few cute hair accessories. A pearl claw clip and a neutral claw clip are perfect to bring--you'll always have one that matches any outfit.

For makeup essentials, we like to just bring natural-looking makeup on vacation. Keep it simple and embrace natural beauty, right?! A quick application of a light-weight foundation and concealer, a quick shimmery shadow, a swipe of mascara, and lip gloss, and you're ready for lounging on the beach, a hiking adventure, or wherever your travels take you!

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