What Does Motherhood Mean to You?

What Does Motherhood Mean to You?

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked our brand ambassadors to tell us what motherhood means to them. Here are their special words. 




//  Brooke  //

"Being a mom is my heartbeat. It is the easiest yet hardest experience I have ever encountered. It is as if my heart is living outside of my body; it no longer belongs to me. He is forever my teacher, reminding me everyday to see the joy in the simplest of pleasures."  - @thiswildelove





//  Brittany  //

“Becoming a mom has been the hardest, yet most fulfilling and beautiful thing I’ve ever done. In a lot of ways I feel like my life has just begun, because I am seeing the world through her eyes now. In the beginning this overwhelming sense of love over took me, and I took pleasure in just being her mom. Now that she is getting older, I feel like it continues to help me become a better, stronger, more fearless version of myself." - @livinglifekelley





//  Batmom  //

"As said in Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility" (I know it's not necessarily the origin of this quote 😉). I find this quote to be very relatable to being a mother. To me, to be a mom means to be blessed with someone so precious, that they may hold the key to our future. So it's our duty to make sure we raise them well." - @batmom_ca





 //  Hilary  //

"Motherhood inspires me to be a better version of myself. It requires you to put someone else first, which sometimes means smelling like poop or cuddling a sick baby that coughs directly in your face. It means learning how to sneak food that you don’t want to share, and dressing your child better than you dress yourself. My heart bursts with joy every time my daughter learns a new skill or says a new word. She is my pride and joy, and I feel so honored to be her mother. " -@okayishmom





//  Ange  //

"Worth every pound I've gained, wrinkles and stretch marks I've acquired during each pregnancy. Aiden made me a mother and Axel made me a better one // Motherhood is a beautiful ride, a wild ride, and the most incredible journey I will ever take... my world is a happier place because I am a mother to my boys, they are and always will be my greatest accomplishment " - @eat.plus.shop





//  Traci  //

“Motherhood is giving everything you've got, and then getting twice as much in return.” -  @tracitaylorcollective





//  Vanessa  //

"Being a mother is the biggest blessing I have ever had, the greatest gift I have ever received and the strongest connection to another person that I have ever had.  It's the most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced and the purest and endless love I have ever had.  Being a mother is the best thing I have ever become." - @vanebosserdet


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