What's In Baby's Carry-On by Hillary Folkvord

What's In Baby's Carry-On by Hillary Folkvord

This week, we are excited to share Hillary Folkvord's post on what she packs when traveling with her baby girl. Specifically, she names ToteSavvy as her number one travel necessity - transforming her favorite Louis Vuitton Neverfull into the perfectly organized baby bag!

After completing our first 10-hour flight with baby Olivia, I wanted to share my must-have items for her carry-on. As you know when traveling with a baby, you must be ready for anything: blowouts, delayed flights, sickness, etc. Before I give you my lengthy list of items, my number 1 item to start with is the TOTESAVVY insert. I saw a fellow mommy blogger using it while I was pregnant, and I knew I had to try it. I am totally OCD when it comes to being organized, and the Totesavvy has helped tremendously! You can easily pull out the insert and stick it into whichever bag you want to use. We love our LV Neverfull bag with the TOTESAVVY insert.

Before I depart on any trip, I always do a quick rundown of what I absolutely need to keep Olivia comfortable in any situation. Here is my list…


  1. Formula (unless you are nursing) — Since I stopped nursing 2 months ago, I must make sure that I have plenty of formula at all times. I pre-make 2-3 bottles with just the formula ready to go. By doing that, I then only need to add water. For a little extra food, just to be safe, I also pack THIS FORMULA DISPENSER. Finally, these are my FAVORITE BOTTLES.
  2. SWELL BOTTLE — Before I get on a flight, I fill up my Swell bottle with hot water from an airport coffee shop.  My Swell bottle will keep water hot/warm for about 24 hours.  So, by always carrying a full one in Olivia’s bag, I always have the hot water that I need to make a bottle. Typically, we make our bottles with half hot water and half cold water. The Swell bottle has eliminated the stress of either finding hot water when the little one gets hungry, or the delay of waiting for someone to help us warm up a bottle. The Swell bottle is also perfect for the hotel room at night.  You can fill it up at the hotel restaurant/bar and rest easy knowing that you will have hot water throughout the night, and also avoid using hotel tap water.
  3. Diapers/wipes — We love HONEST diapers, I pack about 10 diapers for a long travel day…just in case.
  4. Disinfectant wipes — Love the BABY ORGANIC BRAND. I wipe down our seat on the plane, and continually wipe down Olivia’s hands throughout the travel day.
  5. Diaper Cream — Currently obsessed with the ERBAVIVA BABY PRODUCTS. The diaper cream is great and my favorite product is the lip & cheek balm.
  6. Change of clothes + a bag for soiled clothes (we just use a grocery bag) — Olivia wore this COZY JUMP SUIT from H&M. I also always have her in a stocking hat while flying.
  7. Pacifier back-ups — Yep Oliva enjoys her binky, therefore mom enjoys her binky. Bring back-ups! Very hard to find the right brand in a foreign country! Here are the binkys Olivia loves. And, bring a pacifier holder clip on.
  8. Tylenol and/or Benadryl in case of emergencies.
  9. Disposable changing pads — These are a must for us! It’s so dirty changing her diaper in the airport or on the plane. These are great, and I just throw them away after using.
  10. Food/Snacks — What I packed for baby
    1. Avocado
    2. Banana
    3. Crackers — Olivia loves THESE
    4. Sweet Potato Puree — THIS IS THE BRAND I like for traveling, and I only buy the packets with 1 ingredient.
    5. Blueberries
    6. Hard boiled egg
    7. Water — buy a couple large bottles before boarding
    8. Baby Spoon
    9. Bib
  11. Noise canceling headphones — Helps her sleep with all the announcements happening, or when people slam the overhead bin closed.
  12. Dave & Ava App — Olivia doesn’t watch TV, however, I am completely okay with the Dave & Ava App. The app consists of nursery rhymes that you can pre-download and watch anytime and anywhere.
  13. Books/Toys — We don’t bring too much, as I like to buy souvenirs at our destination. But, we always bring a few books and toys. TIP: Hide the toys that you plan to bring about a week before you leave, and then they will seem new and fun during your travels.
  14. Blanket — Olivia always sleeps with her Little Giraffe blanket
  15. Totesavvy insert!


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