What's in my Bag: Adrienne Neufeld

What's in my Bag: Adrienne Neufeld

As a Mama of 3 little ones, Adrienne Neufield (@adrienneneufield) understands how important it is to keep herself organized, especially when she's on-the-go. She spills all of her essentials!

I love my big mom bags, but I’m forever digging around in trying to find what I need. Totesavvy is the perfect pair for my big bag - it’s like peanut butter to chocolate or grilled cheese to tomato soup. ToteSavvy makes any bag organized and easy to navigate. For whatever reason, an organized bag makes my scattered mom brain feel a little less scattered. 

What I'm Carrying: 

  • Diapers 
  • Wipes
  • Bum cream
  • Gathre mat
  • Portable white noise machine
  • Laid back snacks (love the cracked pepper pistachios) and granola bars
  • Swaddle blanket
  • Back up onsie
  • Soother
  • Chew toy 
  • Bonnet
  • Breast pump 
  • And sometimes I throw in my studio noos change pad as well

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