What's in my Bag - Charmaine Dulak

What's in my Bag - Charmaine Dulak
Fashion has always been important to Charmaine Dulak (@charmainedulak), which is why when she became a mom, keeping her personal style was a non-negotiable. Find out what this mama of one keeps in her bag on any given day. 
Motherhood has really taught me a lot, especially to always be prepared. My diaper bag is super important to me and it's always jam packed with all the goods we could possibly need. Even if we're just out for a shopping trip, I tend to pack as though we could get stranded somewhere for a day or two. (That's normal right? No? Just me? haha okay.)
To help organize my bag, I use the Totesavvy organizer. I've been using Totesavvy for two years now and no regrets here! I absolutely love how everything has its own place. It makes things easy to find, I mean who wants to be digging in their bag when in a rush, right? Also, I love the fact that I can easily switch my bags with Totesavvy. Simply slip the organizer out and put in a different bag, and boom, you have a new diaper bag!
What's in my diaper bag?
- Diapers + Wipes
- Emergency Kit
- Boogie Wipes
- WetOnes
- Tissue
- Extra Outfit
- Wet bag
- Sippy cup with water
- Juice box + Granola bar
- Reusable silicone straw
- Cetaphil lotion
- Hello Bello Hand sanitizer
- Baby Aquaphor
- Babyganics sunscreen
- Wallet + Keys + Hairtie
See how satisfying that looks? So organized and the blush color totally matches the interior of my bag. Totesavvy organizers are available in a variety of beautiful colors and sizes so you can easily match it with your bags. Also comes with a changing pad that's slim (doesn't take up much room at all in your bag) and is super easy to clean! Featured is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM with the Totesavvy organizer in the original size. I highly recommend this organizer to anybody. Remember, mom, but make it fashion.

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