What's in My Bag - ToteSavvy Founder Lauren Kutting

What's in My Bag - ToteSavvy Founder Lauren Kutting

what's in my bag lauren kutting


Since launching ToteSavvy in 2014, the contents of my bag have dramatically changed. I remember as a new mom, I packed copious amounts of diapers and the largest pack of wet wipes one could find. My "diaper bag" was actually a small weekender with a ToteSavvy Original inside for extra organization. The pairing worked brilliantly! 

Now that my kids older (4 and up), and potty trained **happy dance!**, I'm able to pare down my list of essentials and pack a somewhat minimalist bag that gets me through my daily routine with little fuss. 


  • wet wipes
  • hand sanitizer 
  • mineral sunscreen
  • mini first aid kit
  • chapstick + lipstick
  • hand cream
  • notebook
  • highlighter + pen
  • laptop
  • snack bars x3 for the kids
  • snack bar x1 for me
  • sparkling water
  • wallet / keys / phone 


what's inside my bag


These are my absolute essentials that I make sure to have inside my ToteSavvy Deluxe at all times. Wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and a mini first aid kit are key for the ages of my kids. They seem to always have sticky or dirty hands and tend to need a bandaid more often than not. My beauty essentials are pretty pared down based on what I really use when away from home. Anything I don't use regularly is removed to make room for something more crucial.

My work items are also minimal due to everything being digital these days. I do have a weakness for beautiful notebooks and prefer taking notes with pen and paper. Everything else is on my computer or phone. Snacks and sparkling water are other musts for my ToteSavvy. My kids always seem to be starving so packing snack bars for them is imperative. Anything to avoid hangry preschoolers! 

Since the launch of ToteSavvy Deluxe, I've pretty much switched over to using Deluxe every day. I love having a dedicated space for my laptop and a pocket to keep my sparking water cool. It's also a perfect fit inside the Clare V. Simple Tote (pictured) and my MZ Wallace Metro Tote (large) which are my go-to bags at the moment. 

totesavvy deluxe organizer

totesavvy deluxe clare v tote

totesavvy deluxe clare v tote

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