What's in my Travel Organizer

What's in my Travel Organizer

Hey y’all! I’m Sarah Eika Burke, dancer/choreographer based in NYC, and a mama to my baby boy Jack! Running from teaching classes to rehearsals, I always needed everything in my bag to be organized from clothes & shoes to cords & chargers. So naturally I started using ToteSavvy’s Travel Organizer the moment I became a mom! This organizer fits all of Jack’s things not only for weekend getaways, but also for the daily bouncing around.

 Sarah Burke

Jack just turned 1 and we decided to hit the beach for a week to celebrate his first birthday (and the anniversary of my birthing day)! The travel organizer was perfect for packing beach essentials that could easily hang from a beach chair or umbrella for quick access.


  • Aveeno Baby Sunscreen
  • Baby & Mommy Sunglasses (Babiators & Velvet Eyewear)
  • Durio Reversible UPF 50+ Bucket Hat
  • Extra Set of Cat & Jack SPF Swimwear (never know!)
  • Extra Set of Clothes - especially for the days we would go straight to dinner afterwards (Brooklyn Cloth & Cocomoon)
  • Pottery Barn Baby Hooded Beach Towel
  • Lightweight Swaddle (for impromptu naps on the beach)
  • Diaper Changing Essentials


travel organizer for beach


travel organizer for beach



This organizer looks slim, but I promise it holds everything but the kitchen sink! There are also sections that zip up to keep things as sand-free as possible. Let’s be real though … mess is inevitable around a baby/toddler. Luckily, the fabric is super easy to wipe clean!

For easy access, we would hang this from the umbrella or the back of my chair. And now that Jack is standing and starting to walk, it was fun to watch him waddle over to pick out items and help me put things back.

Overall, this was a huge help for getting Jack’s things all in one place! I know I didn’t include any snacks in the organizer … that’s because there was an entirely different bag just for food & water because mama LOVES to eat too ;) 


sarah burke

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