What's Inside My ToteSavvy

essentials packed inside totesavvy mini


As a mom of 3 (my oldest is 6 and my youngest two are almost 4) and a business owner, I find it crucial to always have a well-packed handbag. My needs change as I shift from work to home life, and a prepared ToteSavvy allows me to quickly grab and go as I move from one role to another. Now that my kids are a bit older I don’t need to carry quite as much, which has allowed me to pare down to my essentials, which subsequently has also opened up more handbag options.


Lately, I like to use ToteSavvy Mini for most daily outings and when I’m taking my kids from one afterschool activity to another. Since my little ones are now all potty trained, I don’t worry about packing diapers or a change of clothing for quick trips. Instead, I pack snacks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and a few other “just in case” essentials. Here’s my full packing list:

  • sunscreen (lotion)
  • sunscreen (face stick)
  • hand sanitizer spray
  • antibacterial wet wipes
  • band-aids and ointment
  • 3 kids protein bars
  • 3 boxes of raisins
  • 1 RXbar (for me)
  • Dior lip glow balm
  • Sweat Cosmetics foundation powder stick with SPF
  • Glossier boy brow 
  • hair ties
  • mints
  • small wallet
  • keys


totesavvy mini essentials

All of the above fits inside two tall pockets and two short pockets of ToteSavvy Mini. That leaves me the inner flat pocket and insulated pocket open. Before heading out the door I’ll fill a bottle of water or grab a La Croix to slip inside the insulated pocket. My phone slides into the inner flat pocket for easy access.



While I love ToteSavvy Original and Deluxe for work, travel, and other big outings, it’s freeing to carry a smaller handbag or lighten the weight of your large tote when you’re just running around town. ToteSavvy Mini still fits A LOT of essentials and keeps it easy for me to quickly switch bags. I don't mind having extra room around the organizer and actually like the open feel. Plus, as the weather keeps warming I like having a ToteSavvy that can be easily switched to a backpack for park trips.


essentials packed inside totesavvy mini

essentials packed inside totesavvy mini

essentials packed inside totesavvy mini

essentials packed inside totesavvy mini


I highly recommend giving ToteSavvy Mini a try if you're looking to pare down your essentials and pack a little lighter. Even if you're just organizing your own items, it's a great size to keep everything together and easily accessible.  

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