Which ToteSavvy is Right For You?

Which ToteSavvy is Right For You?

While the original ToteSavvy may seem like a natural pick for an infant (and the Mini for a toddler), there are other ways to decide which ToteSavvy to use. I have both and use them differently. Which ToteSavvy is right for you? Let’s get started!

If you are breastfeeding…the Mini is for you! If you are nursing, you don’t need extra space for a bottle or a formula (plus water to mix it with), so you may prefer the mini.  Don't get me wrong, I'm totally Team Fed Is Best (#whateverworks) but you gotta admit that nursing does save you space. Breastfeeding leaves you enough room to store the essentials (like diapers and wipes) without getting too bogged down by stuff that you don’t really need.  Boobs are so handy, aren’t they? 

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If you cloth diaper…you need more room, so the original ToteSavvy is for you! While cloth diapers are an economical (and environmental) choice for many, they do take up much more space than disposable diapers. Depending on how you pack your diapers, you can fit up to six in your ToteSavvy. You heard me. Six. Amazing, right?

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If you prefer cross body bags…go Mini! While our own Tassel Tote can be a cross body bag, I rarely find that cross body bags are large enough to fit the original ToteSavvy. Now that my daughter is running around, I prefer to carry a handbag that has a shoulder and cross body option. Having the cross body strap really comes in handy when you have your hands full or need to be hands-free. I find that a lot of shoulder + cross body bags are roomy enough for the mini and have space for another item such as my water bottle or a sweater.

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If you are always out and about…then the original ToteSavvy is for you. I love how ToteSavvy makes me feel like I can take on anything. There are enough pockets to fill your bag with whatever you may need. Seriously. While I prefer to have some down time at home each day, I have many friends who leave the house in the morning and are out for most of the day, every day. In those situations you’ll want the extra space for more drinks, snacks, changes of clothing, and the like. ToteSavvy will hold everything you need for long days out with your kiddo.

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If you have multiples…the original ToteSavvy is the way to go. You have two (or more) kids, so you’ll need a lot more stuff simply to survive! With twice as many kids your likelihood to experience some sort of “adventure” (read: blowout, hunger, general mayhem) goes up exponentially. The original size will give you enough room for the kids’ stuff as well as your own, like emergency chocolate or a tiny bottle of wine. I’m half kidding about the wine (but really, why do they make those tiny bottles anyway).


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There really is a perfect ToteSavvy size for any given situation. Which one do you typically use?

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