Why We Love MZ WALLACE Totes

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Plus every reason they make the perfect diaper bag when paired with ToteSavvy

For lightweight functionality that goes the extra style mile, we turn to MZ Wallace, the brand whose signature quilted designs epitomize easy-going luxury. We’re huge fans of this light-as-air bag, and the totes that work just as well as our go-to purse, not to mention our favorite tote-turned-diaper bag. Which is exactly what we’re talking about today. Up ahead, get a sneak peek of all the ways we use our MZ Wallace bags, and every reason it’s ToteSavvy’s favorite must-have diaper bag. 

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The ToteSavvy bag organizers are essential to motherhood as they’re built to keep everything you need on-the-go in one easy-to-find (and easier to reach) place. Built-in pockets and a thoughtful design simplifies even the most chaotic moments, and its consciously-created construction makes it the perfect fit for your MZ Wallace tote bag. 


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MZ Wallace’s signature quilted composition is the backdrop for our approval, replete with a million little boxes just waiting to be checked off. And though the reasons we love this brand abound, let’s start with a few that round out the top, including but not limited to the incredibly lightweight structure of their totes. For a diaper bag that’s sure to be packed to the brim with all of baby’s necessities, a sturdy, leather-enforced strap and lightweight feel is always top of mind, and this bag has both. Plus, its other signature, an easy-to-clean nylon material, makes wiping up messes all the easier. (And messes, as we know, will be plentiful.) When you’re not using your bag, it rolls up compactly thanks to its pliable, puffy shape. But the reason we love it most? Its modern-meets classic style has urban street cred, meaning you can keep your good style rolling into motherhood without ever blinking an eye. That is, after all, exactly why we created ToteSavvy. Cheers!

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