Use Your Neverfull or Designer Bag as a Diaper Bag

neverfull as a diaper bag

In my journey through the luxurious aisles of Bloomingdale's while expecting my first child, I couldn't help but be disheartened by the lack of stylish diaper bag options. As a lifelong handbag enthusiast, I firmly believe that your purse can make or break your outfit.

Surrounded by uninspiring diaper bags, I found myself eyeing the captivating array of gorgeous totes, satchels, crossbody, and every other imaginable bag. Each possessed its own unique flair, and I felt a surge of delight as I draped one particular style over my shoulder. But why didn't the same excitement grip me when I perused the diaper bags? The answer was simple: They were just diaper bags.

At that very moment, I made a resolute decision – I would not settle for a diaper bag I didn't adore. Instead, I confidently strolled into the Louis Vuitton boutique within the department store and inquired about the Neverfull. Now, that bag was pure perfection!

Leaving the store without a diaper bag but with a long-coveted accessory, I knew I had made the right choice. The bag not only made me feel special and elegant but would continue to do so even after my baby arrived. It was the epitome of perfection.

If you're the proud owner of a Neverfull, you're likely familiar with its exceptional charm, but also its potential for disarray – especially when packed with essentials for both you and your little one. Enter ToteSavvy, a solution meticulously crafted to address this very issue: organizing the spacious interior of your tote and rendering it diaper-bag-ready.

If this narrative resonates with you, and you'd rather tote around a beloved handbag than a run-of-the-mill diaper bag, then ToteSavvy is your ideal companion for your favorite tote.

Below, discover our invaluable tips for seamlessly pairing ToteSavvy with the LV Neverfull to curate the ultimate stylish diaper bag. (*If you don't happen to own a Neverfull, rest assured that any sizable tote will yield similar results!)

Let's explore the Neverfull sizes to find the perfect size ToteSavvy insert for your bag. 



The medium size Neverfull is a great size for a diaper bag. It pairs with all inserts: ToteSavvy Original, ToteSavvy Deluxe, and ToteSavvy Mini. Below are images of both size inserts for reference.

best neverfull diaper bag organizer


Let's break down how each size ToteSavvy fits inside the MM Neverfull. The Original and Deluxe sizes (larger size insert) take up the whole inner capacity of the tote. If you like a snug fit and don't want to see any wiggle room around your organizer, this is the perfect combo for you. Both Original and Deluxe are the same size insert just with a few different features. 

If you prefer to have room around your organizer for extra items, or just aren't a fan of a snug fit, we highly recommend paring ToteSavvy Mini (small size insert) with your MM Neverfull. As you can see from the image above (far left), there's a decent amount of room around the organizer, allowing your tote to look less full. 



We highly recommend using the original or deluxe size ToteSavvy inside the GM Neverfull. It’s a near perfect fit and offers a little room around the sides for extra items like a blanket or sweater. Below you’ll see images of ToteSavvy Mini, ToteSavvy Original, and ToteSavvy Deluxe inside the GM to show you a great size comparison. 


neverfull GM diaper bag insert


As you can see in the photos above, ToteSavvy Original and Deluxe are just about a perfect fit for the Neverfull GM. We wouldn't call this a "snug" fit because there's some room around the organizer, offering space for a blanket or sweater. 

The ToteSavvy Mini, however, leaves a lot of room around the organizer. For this reason, we don't typically recommend pairing your GM with ToteSavvy Mini. With that said, some customers may prefer this fit. It comes down to your own personal preference. 



Here's another angle view to see how a bag organizer like ToteSavvy Deluxe, Original, or Mini will fit inside the Neverfull GM and MM. 

neverfull bag insert


Invest in ToteSavvy, the purse organizer that redefines your diaper bag experience, and elevates your style effortlessly.