10 Must Haves For Your Baby Registry

10 Must Haves For Your Baby Registry
It's always a struggle to know what you actually need for your little one, and building a baby registry can honestly be intimating when there are so many baby products out there to go through. We're a team of Mamas who have tested, used, and love these products. We want to save you the time and the guess work and give you some of the reasons why we love these products and know you will, too!
ToteSavvy Deluxe Bag Organizer
ToteSavvy Bag Organizer
Every Mama--both new and seasoned should have a ToteSavvy Bag Organizer.
Here's why:
As Mamas, we sacrifice and give up enough--our bodies, our sleep, our sanity...the list goes on, but one thing we shouldn't sacrifice is our personal style. Stay true to who you are, yes, even when you become a Mama, and rock your favorite handbag or tote as your baby bag!
ToteSavvy Mini Bag Organizer
Now you might be thinking that sounds so impractical. Well, that's where the ToteSavvy Bag Organizer comes in! Our Bag Organizers were made by a Mama who couldn't find a way to organize her favorite bags, so she made a way so we could all find happiness in using our bags in motherhood.
The pockets are designed to keep your essentials and your little one's essentials organized and secure. The varied pocket sizes make the perfect fit for everyday essentials like your wallet, change of clothes, diapers and wipes in the larger pockets, and lip balm, AirPods, etc. in the smaller pockets.
ToteSavvy Deluxe Baby Bag Organizer
The Deluxe Organizer features a zippered cooler pocket and the Original and Mini feature a single cooler pocket. With either organizer, you can bring along a bottle, sippy cup, or even snacks and keep them in the insulated pocket.
ToteSavvy Mini Bag Organizer and January Moon Teething Accessories
January Moon Teethers & Paci Clips
These gorgeous Teethers and Paci Clips will be loved by both you and your little one. They are made with premium materials that include 100% non-toxic silicone, Japanese rope, and safety compliant metal.
The Paci Clips hook to your little one's favorite paci, while also providing a soothing teether and sensory play while you're at home or out on the go. Same as the teethers--a convenient way to soothe your little one's gums and provide a little comfort when they need it most.
ToteSavvy Original Bag Organizer and EllaOla Skincare
EllaOla Baby Skincare
When it comes to choosing skincare for your little one, you want it to be the absolute best made with the highest-quality of ingredients. EllaOla is USDA Organic Certified, and all of the ingredients that are in the lotions, body washes, and oils are ingredients you can pronounce and you know!
The lotions and oils help hydrate and nourish your little one's skin without fragrances, essential oils or parabens or irritating their skin. Know when you choose to use EllaOla for your little one, you're choosing a brand that cares about what is in their products, because they want the best for your little one just as much as you do.
ToteSavvy Travel Clothing Organizer
ToteSavvy Travel Clothing Organizer

Make every trip a little less chaotic with ToteSavvy Travel. The separate mesh pockets fit individual outfits, making it quick and easy for you or your child to grab what they need without disturbing anything else.

The organizer includes 6 mesh pockets, 2 clear zipper pockets, a large garment section on the reverse side, and a swivel hook to hang from a closet rod or door knob. ToteSavvy Travel folds in half and is secured with two Velcro tabs for compact storage. The garment section fits a child size hanger. Organizer sized for newborn - 5T clothing.

Check out this post on 3 Ways To Use The ToteSavvy Travel Clothing OrganizerYou'll be surprised on how many ways you can use it--not just for travel!

Nuna Car Seat and Stroller Travel System
The Nuna is a ToteSavvy founder favorite--in fact, our team loves the Nuna. From the versatility, comfort, and innovative safety, there's so much to love about it. The extendable canopy that offers UPF 50+ protection is loved by both parents and littles. The stroller also conveniently folds up and is compact for easy stowaway in the car! As if that's not enough, did we also mention how stylish it is?! Just imagine your favorite tote hanging off a stroller hook with a ToteSavvy Bag Organizer inside--pure perfection as you head into motherhood!
ToteSavvy Clear Pouch Trio Set
ToteSavvy Clear Pouch Trio Set
Let me introduce you to your new favorite set of travel accessories. If you love staying organized while on-the-go or even every day when you're at home, then you will love this Clear Pouch Trio Set. They're made with a clear TPU material, trimmed with cream-colored vegan leather and a gold zipper. The pouches are water-resistant and can be wiped clean.
Not only can you use them to pack toiletries for you and your little one, you can use them for diapers, wipes, spare clothes, and anything else you might need for baby. We love to use the small pouch in our everyday bag for makeup or even teethers and spare pacis for your little one.
If you follow up on Instagram, you've seen the popular Toddler Car Kit with the Clear Pouch Trio Set--such a genius way to use them for your toddler!

The Boppy Pillow can be used in so many different ways during different stages for your newborn. Whether you're nursing your sweet one or bottle feeding, it's amazing for support during feeding. Once they're a little bigger around three months old, you can use it to prop them up. The best is when they move to tummy time and try so hard to keep their head up. Then, once they've grown up oh so fast, you can use the Boppy Pillow to help them sit up.
There are so many cute cover patterns, too, and having an extra cover or two is always helpful! Always remember--Boppy Pillows are never for sleep, and you should always be with your little one while using it.

ToteSavvy Clear Pouch Trio Set and EllaOla Hair Set and Skincare

This is the cutest set that can be used from newborn through childhood. The super soft brush is made with 100% goat hair, so it can help gently brush away cradle cap and dry skin. The Massage Hair Brush is made with natural bamboo and can be used dry or wet (perfect for after bath time!) and helps to massage the scalp and promote circulation. The Rounded Bamboo Comb helps to detangle your little one's hair. All three combined create a mini spa experience for your little one right at home. The sizing is also great for everyday use and for travel!

Mamas--if you're looking for bassinet that allows you to sleep next to your little one, the Halo Bassinet swivels right over your bed giving you an extra close, safe sleep. One of the best features is the lowering wall that is also lockable when not in use. It's perfect for that first month or so postpartum when moving around is still a challenge--especially if you've just had a c-section.

The mesh walls also give you peace of mind knowing they're breathable and safe for your little one. A fitted sheet and mattress is included, though, we recommend grabbing a few extra Halo sheets for those middle of the night blowouts and spit ups. It's honestly game changing to have a few spare sheets ready to go.

Nanit Baby Monitor and Halo Bassinet

When it comes to your baby's sleep, monitoring them while you're away from them is always top of mind. Think about how many times you've stared at a baby to make sure they're breathing or felt under their nose to make sure you feel air, because they're in a deep sleep, and they barely move. We've all been there as parents, but the Nanit gives parents peace of mind, so you can set the monitor and let your little one sleep so you can get a little sleep, too.

The breathing pattern, whether it's the included band wrapped and secured, the swaddle, or pajamas, will track your little one's breathing. It will show their breathing patterns, sleep trends, how often they wake up in the middle of the night, and even send noise alerts when they wake up.

If you have two little ones, the Nanit also offers split screen so you can see two littles at once! It's perfect if you have an infant and a toddler or even twins. It's innovative technology that makes your life as a parent easier, so you can worry less about your sweet little one and enjoy as much of a restful sleep that you can.
What are your must-haves for a baby registry? Share with us on Instagram!

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10 Must Haves on Your Baby Registry

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