5 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Handbag

5 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Handbag

The quick and easy steps to keep you totally organized for every season and every occasion. 

Our bags are our life source--they hold it all together for us and keep us looking the part, too. But they can become overwhelmingly busy quickly so that we find ourselves in disarray. Amidst a flurry of old receipts, gum wrappers, lost mints, lost keys, lost pacifiers, bribery candy, loose change, lost hair ties (are we seeing a theme here?), and that chapstick we thought we’d never find again, it’s all too easy to forget that our bags are our most trusted allies--and the thing that carries us through life. 

Up ahead, read the step by step guide to get down to the bottom of true organizational bliss. 



Empty the full contents of your bag onto the floor, laying it all out in front of you. Throw away trash, old receipts, old candy, etc. (and reference the above list for anything else that could possibly be caught in the abyss).

clean out your bag in 5 easy steps


Think about only what you truly need inside your bag. Make sure that what remains are items that will be used daily (or even weekly)--nothing else.


Spread your ToteSavvy organizer open on the floor in front of you. Then, begin placing items on top of the pockets to best plan where they'll go, seeing what fits most intuitively to your frequency of use or item size. 

5 steps to cleaning out your bag


Once pockets are planned, place your items inside their respective pockets and close your ToteSavvy. Make sure bulkier items aren't across from one another. More on how to pack without bulkiness in this video. 

5 steps to cleaning out your bag



Slide your organized ToteSavvy inside your bag and it's ready to go! Keep your handbag tidy year-round by always putting items away in their proper pocket, and doing a monthly check to remove any unnecessary items. 

5 steps to cleaning out your bag


ToteSavvy doesn’t just let us keep our sense of self. Slipping it into our favorite bags is just a really amazing perk. The real magic happens when we put it to use, letting this workhorse bag organizer do all the heavy lifting for an accessory that looks good and feels better. So take this opportunity to finally sift through all those lost and buried treasures at the bottom of your bag. The result: an essentials-only bag and the quickest route to a full-on organization that promises to keep your year in perfect balance.

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