How to Move Your ToteSavvy Between Bags

How to Move Your ToteSavvy Between Bags

how to move your totesavvy from bag to bag

In our world, an uncomplicated life is our best life. That’s not to say motherhood isn’t without its hiccups--of that, we know, there are plenty. But through the chaos, and perhaps in spite of it, we came to realize a need for things that make the full picture look a little bit more fluid. ToteSavvy is the solution to keeping you organized, to keeping your life within some boundary of order and to help you keep a piece of the life you used to live. Becoming a mother does not mean you have to sacrifice style, or that bit of edginess you keep slung over your shoulder. Your outfit still deserves its choice of complements, just as you deserve to keep receiving all those compliments on your outfit. 


Live your life uninterrupted. ToteSavvy comes in three convenient sizes so that, no matter what your favorite bag looks like, there’s a size and style that fits you. What’s more, moving your ToteSavvy from bag to bag is an effortless endeavor. Not only are you preserving the integrity of your bag by allowing your ToteSavvy to take the brunt of the wear and tear, you’re able to easily transition by popping it in and out. Two convenient top straps give grab-and-go a new meaning, allowing you to pull out everything it holds in one easy swoop--and then pop it right into your next tote with ease. 



Ensure all items are in proper order, held securely inside a pocket, and that nothing is loose at the bottom of the organizer.


Pull the ToteSavvy insert straight up and out with one hand while holding your handbag with the other.


To transfer your packed ToteSavvy insert from one tote to another, make sure the new tote is open to its fullest. Then, gently tilting the ToteSavvy down, place one bottom corner inside the tote*. 

*Insider tip: If you’re working with a smaller tote, you may need to squeeze the other bottom corner together to help it slide down into the tote. 


Use the handles to gently pull up in a few swift motions to help the insert fall into place inside the tote. 

tote transfer gif


Shop our full collection featuring the three ideal sizes when you visit our online shop today. To learn more about which size is right for you, check out our in-depth ToteSavvy Guide

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