Our Top Family Road Trip Hacks

Our Top Family Road Trip Hacks

road trip with kids hacks

Exploration is such a crucial piece of learning about the world and ourselves. Which is just one reason amid a growing list that has left us dismayed by the current state of the planet. Travel, though a luxury, is an opportunity we take at any given chance to learn, to see, to understand. And without it, we haven’t felt entirely whole.  

Cooped up indoors and restricted from the greater world outside our doors has made us all the more eager to travel the way we used to. But hesitant to jump on a plane, we’ve decided to opt for new modes of exploration. Enter: the road trip, our chosen mode of travel in 2020. It’s the more cost-effective way we’re seeing the world, as safely as possible, and on our own terms. Here are the travel hacks we’ve learned thus far. They might inspire you to pack a few bags and jump behind the wheel, too. 

Little Comforts  

  • Use suction window shades to keep sun out of little eyes
  • Grab a backseat air mattress for longer stops when someone wants to nap (adults included)
  • Come prepared with a car sick kit (think multiple Tupperware containers and small trash bag liners to contain any potential messes) plus disinfectant wipes and paper towels for extra clean-up

Essential Entertainment

  • Use a backseat caddy for toys and snacks 
  • Keep a travel binder filled with art supplies and paper, and put pages in plastic sheets for dry erase fun
  • Use shower caddy cups that suction to window for toys and other fun little things
  • Create a family scavenger hunt

Bites and Beverages

  • Pack cupcake liners, poke popsicle sticks through the middle and catch drips to keep little hands clean
  • Bring dollar store mesh bins for easy eating in the backseat 
  • For toddlers, tie a string to their sippy cup so they can reel it back in if dropped

And, Adults  

  • Keep a bag, like our Change Kit, ready for quick trips out of the car. There’s room for a mask, alcohol wipes, lip balm, a small wallet, keys, and your phone. Read more about how to pack here.
  • Bring a pillow, eye mask, and earplugs for the non-driver to get some sleep between driving shifts
  • Bring a mini, hand-held vacuum to help keep the car crumb-free 

And just in case you’re looking for the perfect tool for organizing your little one’s outfits on the road, stay tuned for a brand new product launching next week! 

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