ToteSavvy’s Take on the Crossbody––And Everything To Pack Inside

ToteSavvy’s Take on the Crossbody––And Everything To Pack Inside

crossbody bag

Meet the versatile crossbody bag that doesn’t require a baby to wear. 

If you’ve been around for a while, you know we love a good bag. A durable tote or a classic handbag are essential to how we function not just as mothers, but as women. When efficiently organized, bags keep our lives in perfect working order. It’s for this exact reason that ToteSavvy has been the perfect complement to our fast-paced lifestyles. And when we think of our inherently busy schedules, albeit much slower now, we always take into consideration the practicality and utility of our pieces. Enter: ToteSavvy’s iteration of the classic crossbody bag that’s as essential to motherhood as it is to womanhood on the whole. 

Not all bags were created equal, and our ToteSavvy Change Kit goes a level above. You don’t need a baby to enjoy its intrinsic values, like easily accessible pockets and interiors, or the thoughtful window panel for always on-hand disinfectant wipes and masks, and the adjustable cross-body straps that has go-anywhere (and everywhere) vibes. Style shouldn’t have to be a carefully thought-through affair all the time, and the pieces that make it easy to balance fashion and function are the double-duty aesthetic powerhouses that always work overtime. 

Conceiving this bag got us thinking about consciously-crafted design, and how the perfect bag had to live up to our every expectation. Here’s what our packing checklist currently looks like: 

✅  Mask - Your new daily essential. 

✅  Disinfectant wipes - Always on-hand, now more than ever before. 

✅  Lip gloss - No one can see your lips, but hydrated they remain. 

✅  Cell phone - Perfectly-sized for our back exterior slit pocket. 

✅  Wallet - Ready to pay for your iced latte, and slips right back inside our divided interior pockets. 

✅  Hair ties - For hot days and fly-aways, keep this tucked right inside your bag. 

✅  Keys - Stashed neatly inside our roomy interior pocket (without ever getting lost). 

Wherever the day takes you, just remember The ToteSavvy Change Kit is a statement bag first. What you put in it? That’s up to you! 


crossbody bag with wipes access

crossbody bag with wipes access


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