How We’re Getting Organized for 2020

How We’re Getting Organized for 2020

Everything you need to know for the year ahead. 

Some consider the new year their personal Renaissance--a time of reawakening, and a chance to recommit to all the promises that have slowly sloughed away over the course of the year. That gym membership probably got a lot more action in January then it did come March, and the same probably goes for those to-go coffee cups and pre-packed lunches, too. But we’re not here to judge, because we’re talking from experience. If parenthood teaches us anything, it’s how incredibly difficult it is to maintain our own personal well-being while managing that of our offspring. So if you’ve ever rolled your eyes at a headline that suggests your best life starts with a full 8 hours of sleep at night, step in line (we’ve been standing in it for years). Today, we’re recommitting to the recommitment and getting a headstart on the new year with all the ways to get organized so that we have our best year yet--really. 



If we’re talking brass tacks here, there’s nothing that a parent relies on more than a good, old-fashioned calendar. For some of us, there’s more than one--digital, planner, and that thing we stick to the fridge that just looks like we’re holding the week together. But because we’re really going deep in 2020, these are a few of our favorite organizational tools for tracking everything from school drop-off to playdates and that coffee with your old work wife that you’ve been trying to get on the books for months. 


family calendar app


The way we measure productivity can sometimes get lost in the flurry of things--probably because we’re too busy doing things. But for immediate digital assistance, and the best way to keep it all together, we’re big fans of the Cozi app and family organizer. With one goal in mind--keeping busy families (and what family isn’t busy?) organized--Cozi really works wonders. And because it’s become a centralized part of our daily existence, and probably yours too, we’re no stranger to Google Calendars for an easy and efficient mode of keeping track of our day-to-day routines. 


pen to paper


Plus, there’s something that some of us just won’t give up--and probably for good reason. There’s scientific evidence behind how writing things down better embeds thoughts into our memory, which is why we’re devotees to a classic calendar. Our go-to is the Moleskine, a brand revered by the elites like Picasso and Hemingway. In an array of colors, designs and organizational options, the modes of which to stay on top of the ball are virtually endless. 

And for full family transparency, and to keep the whole team on the right ship, we love a good refrigerator calendar. With the full month in front of you, and out there for everyone to see, keeping everyone in line will be a little simpler. 



Packing can pertain to a variety of things, all relevant to how we approach our daily lives. Getting organized is especially relevant for how we approach packing, and whether that’s for your daily lunch, that quarterly business trip, or for moms packing their diaper bags, how you load each up matters. 


pre-pack lunches with lunchbots


The easiest approach to packing a lunch is having something that fits the whole family, and every food preference imaginable inside. This is the sole reason we’re always reaching for Lunchbots, the original stainless steel bento boxes that help us carefully and efficiently pack a lunch. (Plus, they’re super sleek and incredibly easy to clean.) It also gives us an excuse to pick up an ultra-cute lunch box. Helps us stay motivated, ya know? Pack lunches in advance to keep busy mornings running smoothly!


organize your bag


Diaper bags are an essential part of every mother’s day-to-day routine. No matter the journey, it requires a laundry list of just-in-case items and absolute essentials. Diaper bags have come a long way since our own mothers’ time, and with a broadening of the term and a market rich in options, it’s become all about how we pack it. Available in three sizes, ToteSavvy is ripe for the picking--and packing. Choose the size that works best with your favorite bag, and become the most organized you’ve ever been. 


There’s no telling where the new year will take you, but we have a feeling it’s going to be full of a lot of fun adventures. So start planning now--then get ready to get all packed up. 


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