ToteSavvy® Original Bag Organizer


$70.00 USD


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Removable organizer insert with 11 total pockets including an insulated pocket, key clasp, and washable changing mat. ToteSavvy original is best suited for large totes and oversized handbags. Made from wipeable nylon material, or cotton canvas (almond only). Canvas style has 10 total pockets instead of 11. 

Dimensions: 14" L x 10" H x 4" D.

U.S Patents: US10342310, D784,020S and D908,361. 

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ToteSavvy® Original Bag Organizer

$70.00 USD

$70.00 USD


How are the canvas and nylon inserts different?

Other than the materials being different, the canvas insert also has one less pocket than the nylon version. This gives the canvas insert an additional large pocket on the inside of the organizer, instead of two medium size pockets.

How will Original fit inside my bag?

Original is 14" in length and 10" tall when inside your bag. It's best to choose a large tote that has dimensions of at least 14" in length and 10" in height to ensure a proper fit. ToteSavvy will fit snuggly inside a bag with similar dimensions, while it will have more room around in a larger bag.

How do you clean the organizer?

ToteSavvy bag organizers are NOT machine washable, but can be spot cleaned similarly to how you would spot clean a handbag. The removable rolled mat can be machine washed as needed.

Can you recommend any handbags for ToteSavvy?

We offer a variety of totes and bags, all compatible with our inserts. Shop bags here.

Visit our Instagram page for more examples of ToteSavvy inside different bags.

What size are the pockets?

Original has 11 total pockets all ranging in size. The insert includes 4 small pockets for little accessories, 5 medium size pockets (one of which is insulated), and 2 large pockets (one flat for paperwork or a tablet).

Are Deluxe and Original the same?

Our Deluxe and Original inserts have the same dimensions and will fit inside your bag the same way. Deluxe has a few updated features including a laptop pocket, and double-wide insulated pocket that zips closed.

How much does the organizer weigh?

Original weighs just about 1 pound. It will not add much weight to your bag, though packing items like water bottles, books, and other heavy things will add additional weight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 536 reviews

Excellent quality & craftsmanship. Thrilled with this!


Very beautifully crafted

Marisa B.
Love it!

Was able to repurpose my LV Neverfull (large size) into a diaper bag. Keeps everything nice and organized and looks chic!


Keeps your bag nice and tidy


I love how this fits in my longchamp bag and has so many pockets. I can keep all the baby stuff in there and keeps me organized. Also this helps me keep the bags I own/like without having to invest in ugly diaper bags!

Steven M.

I got this with my second baby even though I already had 2 diaper bags, and I am SO glad I did. I have it in my Longchamp bag and it’s a perfect fit with room to spare (but not too much). The pockets and key ring are super clutch and it allows me to feel a sense of calm and organization throughout my da. I currently have the following in my purse, and I promise you it’s more organized than any other bag I’ve owned - 2 pairs of toddler pants, a twirly dress (of course), wallet, sunglasses case, travel toilet seat for potty training, nursing cover, burp cloth, coloring book, keys, powder, chapstick, lipstick, sunscreen, alcohol wipes, wet wipes, diapers, snacks, headphones, water bottle… and more I’m sure. This is hands down in the top 5 products I recommend to all moms.

Chelsey H.
Great for making stylish totes into diaper bags!

I bought the canvas tote insert for my Cuyana Easy Tote. Everything is so organized and it allows me to easily transfer items if I buy another tote. I love that it fits in something other than the LV Neverfull, bc that’s so overdone. Thanks totesavvy!


Works great