3 Easy Ways to Declutter Today

easy ways to declutter fast

The new year is here and we can't help but think about a fresh start for the year ahead. Last year wasn't what any of us expected (to say the least!) but that doesn't mean we can't look forward with a little optimism and a plan to make it truly the best year yet.

One of the best ways to feel renewed and refreshed is to declutter. Whether it be cleaning out your home, office, car or even your mind, a few easy steps to bring order to your things will dramatically impact your mood and boost productivity. Keep reading to learn 3 easy ways to declutter today! 


1. Clean Out Your Bag

bag dump

Your handbag is your home away from home and the most important item you carry when on-the-go. Our new world requires being prepared with a face mask, hand sanitizer, and anything else needed to keep us safe on the go. Keeping those items clean and organized within your daily bag is paramount now more than ever. 

Utilize ToteSavvy bag organizers to keep your essentials safely tucked away yet accessible in an instant. You can designate one pocket for clean masks and another (or zip bag) for dirty ones. You can store your other essentials safely inside the remaining pockets. 

Take the time (10 minutes max!) to dump everything out of your bag, throw away the trash, and reorganize within your ToteSavvy organizer. We promise this small task will feel incredible when you're on-the-go and need to quickly reach for an essential. 

tote bag organizer

The end result not only looks pretty, it will keep you feeling together throughout your day. 

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2. Declutter Your Living Area

toy bin

A home with kids is undoubtably a home that's messy 90% of the day. We're not here to judge (who has the time to tidy all the time??) but we do have a simple hack to help keep the clutter at bay. It takes less than 5 minutes every day and will keep you on track throughout the week so weekends can be spent enjoying family time instead of organizing. 

Here's the trick. Purchase a cute bin (like this one by Pehr or this one from Target) to leave in your main living area like your kitchen or family room. Any time you walk through and see an item that's not put away (like a toy or clean clothing item) quickly pop it in the bin to keep your floors and counters clear. At the end of the day, take 5 minutes to find a home for everything in the bin. If the item doesn't have a home then you may not need it and can choose to donate or recycle the item. 

If your home is multi-level, we suggest keeping one bin on the stairs for items that need to be put away upstairs! 


3. Plan Outfits In Advance

outfit organizer

A stress-free morning really sets the tone for a happy and productive day. One of the best ways to streamline your morning is to plan your child's outfits in advance so they can quickly grab and go. This takes no more than 10 minutes on a Sunday to plan for the whole week ahead. 

Our travel organizer is perfect for keeping prepped outfits grouped together and and easily accessible for young children so they can see each outfit and easily dress themselves. By allowing them to "select" their outfit in the AM you'll encourage their independent nature while keeping their look put-together. Plus, you'll put a stop to the morning power struggle instantly by using this little trick!   

Pro tip! Roll each outfit together before placing inside its own pocket. 

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