How to Road Trip with ToteSavvy

How to Road Trip with ToteSavvy

The ins and outs of organized travel with the essentials to get you through every trip! 

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Preparedness, health, and safety are always top of mind, but now more than ever before they are paramount. As restrictions ease up and some morsels of normalcy are slowly reinstated, we’re seeking out real-life escapes when and where we--safely--can. What that currently looks like: road trips! Here’s the best part about taking road trips--the travel essentials that keep us organized on-the-go. Ready to make them your go-to, too? Keep reading for all the ways we love them! 

Travel Organizer 

Our travel organizer was made for road trips and long, worldly hauls, and we consciously-crafted every minute detail to make it the perfect fit for any and every adventure. Featuring 6 generously sized pockets, you can mindfully pack individual outfits, allowing you to easily grab at your convenience--and then return once dirty (keeping dirty clothes separate from clean ones). We added extra storage pockets for loose items, and a hook for the convenience of hanging. The result: seriously organized travel days with a little less chaos. And, frankly, everyone needs a little of that lately.

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Crossbody Change Kit 

The perfect road trip companion, our changing kit lets you keep everything close (and by close we mean close--this bag sits right where you need it with an adjustable strap). But that’s only the start, because we added a thoughtful wipe window that lives directly under the bag’s front flap. Now, diapers and wipes are right within reach, no matter where you are. And that aforementioned trio of hand sanitizer, masks, moisturizer? They’re there too, neatly organized within the smart dividers inside that keep everything snug and easy-to-grab. Genius? We think so. 

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Travel may not be our top priority now, but our sanity certainly is. And sometimes, travel can be just the thing we need to escape reality. For keeping things in check? We’ve got some bags for that. Shop the full collection of our travel essentials here. 


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