The Organization Edit

The Organization Edit

New year, new outlook, new order. 

If you’ve been with us for a minute, it’s probably become self-evident that we are obsessed with organization. We like to think of it as our dirty little secret. In reality, (and not so ironically), it’s our especially orderly and unblemished code for everyday. 

This is the piece of us that thrives with fresh starts, so we’re hopeful as we look towards a bright new year. For us, this means a chance at self-reflection, as well as a special time to reevaluate exactly how we’re living. The day to day makes such a difference in the big picture--be it a room where everything has a place, a closet with perfectly labeled bins, or a bag with a pocket for everything. And that’s the secret sauce to living well. 

If you think about your spaces as a reflection of your mind, you’ll quickly start to realize the importance of organization--and the effects it has on your health. A messy room, for instance, might be a surefire sign of internal stressors. But we’re here to fix that. Because once you start to organize your life, you’ll start to feel the benefits. What better time than the new year to do exactly that? Here are all the stylish ToteSavvy pieces that make organization not only simple, but naturally intuitive. 

ToteSavvy Bag Organizers

ToteSavvy | Keep your diaper bag, work bag, or day bag precisely organized with our convenient bag inserts. An organized bag helps streamline your day, eliminating those stressful moments before you leave the house (you know the line: “where are my keys?!”). We’ve all gotten used to staying home, and keeping organized makes every outing easier. 

an organized bag helps streamline your day

Clothing Organizer

Travel Organizer | It’s not just for travel. Streamline your morning routine by planning weekly outfits in advance. It helps to build confidence in toddlers by letting them select their own outfit for the day, while taking away the stress of getting dressed. 

streamline weekday mornings clothing organizer


Crossbody Meets Change Kit

Crossbody Change Kit | *Coming back in March!* Lightweight and easy to carry, our change kit is the perfect mini bag for keeping “just the essentials” always on-hand. Easy, effortless access to wipes just under the flap makes this bag an absolute must-have--not to mention the easiest way to keep your hands clean when out and about (without digging through your bag). 

crossbody change kit

Don’t let a lack of organization get in the way of your plans for a bright, new year ahead. Usher in 2021 with the style-first essentials that transform your outlook from messy to functional--bonus points for fashion. Shop our full collection here

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