ToteSavvy In A New World

ToteSavvy In A New World

How to turn your bag and bag organizers into the best friend you need right now. 

This new world of ours has certainly created a need for organization and structure. And when things feel chaotic, it’s usually helpful to have immediate access to life’s essentials. Better yet, make it organized.

Enter: ToteSavvy, the missing piece to the puzzle that is life at present. Maybe you’ve recently been inspired by Netflix’s The Home Edit, or perhaps you’ve lost your favorite lipstick one too many times, but the time has never been more ripe for picking just-right organizational accessories. ToteSavvy is here to enhance the bags you have, and to keep you feeling more coordinated and put-together than you might actually feel. 

ToteSavvy will keep you feeling put-together

Our Original Bag Organizer

Our ToteSavvy Original is a staple in our lives for so many reasons, and has been for years (we used our Original so much, we made two more sizes). But without question, it’s become more important than we could have ever imagined. The list of things that we need to have within reach (i.e. not lost in the black hole of every mom’s giant tote bag) is now longer than ever before. Ensuring that our masks, our kids’ masks, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, plus diapers, snacks, bottles, and the inevitable miscellanea that comes with parenthood are within immediate, findable reach is beyond imperative. ToteSavvy bag organizers were designed in a Pre-Covid world, but incorporating them into our present lives has made the biggest difference in feeling like we have a reliable, trustworthy companion for everyday. Put everything in its designated  pocket, and never lose anything again.

totesavvy original 


Our Crossbody

We designed this bag for the mother on-the-go. Featuring a brilliant front panel window that gives you instant access to your choice of wipes (ours is currently disinfectant on repeat), plus a roomier-than-it-looks inside pocket with divider, you can pack everything you need within. We know you do the heavy-lifting, so we did the thinking, letting you have a smart alternative that makes motherhood look more chic than ever (kind of like your coolest mom friend). 

crossbody change kit


Our Travel Organizer 

For those times you’re on the road, our travel kit is an absolute essential. We designed it so you can keep individual outfits perfectly contained but easily accessible, and in turn keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones. Then we added a zipper pocket for loose items that need to be snuggly tucked away, making it a must-have for every adventure. You’d never travel without your best friend, right? Now you don’t have to. 

travel organizer


We don’t think of our bags as just simply bags. They’re more like our confidantes, someone we trust to be complicit with our daily goings-on and to willingly hold all of our secrets, too. Sounds a little like a BFF, right? Let’s make that BBF: Best Bag Friend. Get yours when you shop the full collection today. 


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